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Did Octopus Ruin Germany’s World Cup Hopes?

Maria’s husband, Eric,  lived in Germany for a few years so after Team USA was OUT in the World Cup, his allegiance went to Team Germany.  If Eric had known about Paul the Octopus we […]


One Heck of a Horn!

A bejewelled vuvuzela has sold for $30,000!


Vuvu Juju

I blogged earlier about the World Cup in 3D, and I mentioned the vuvuzela.  I also blogged Friday about some “issues” with playing the vuvuzela.  Having read that, I took my life into my own […]


Futbol – er uh SOCCER in 3D!

Sound your vuvuzelas!  On second thought…don’t.  Whether or not the American team goes all the way, you can catch the final game of the World Cup on a movie theater screen…in 3D!!!  Click more for all you need to […]


I knew this would happen!

In the spirit of the World Cup, Tom & Maria got their hands on a vuvuzela.  Surely, by now, you’ve seen – and heard – one of these things!  We’ve already received complaints from listeners […]


Team USA Wins In World Cup Soccer!

Team USA Team USA beat Algeria yesterday 1-0 to advance in the World Cup.  They will play Ghana in an 11:30 am showdown Saturday morning that will earn the winner a place in the quarterfinals.  […]


I Can’t Stand The Noise!

Tired of those vuvuzela horns drowning out the Wold Cup Games? At first people watching the broadcast of the World Cup thought there were swarms of bees somewhere near the stadium.  But then we all […]


Here’s A Lego Reenactment Of The USA Vs. England World Cup Match

Someone made a stop-motion LEGO version of the goals from last Saturday’s World Cup match between the United States and England.  It shows both goals, with replays, and it uses audio of the real announcers […]


Here Are Instructions To Get Rid Of The Buzzing Sound From World Cup Games

Vuvuzela The organizers of the World Cup have decided NOT to ban the vuvuzelas . . . those are the horns that sound like angry buzzing bees that have been PLAGUING the TV broadcasts of […]


USA Tied England In World Cup Soccer!

Sure, team USA tied England in World Cup competition, and that’s big news.