The Average Worker is Most Productive Between 10:00 A.M. and Noon . . . and Least Productive at the End of the Day

Does that sound about right for you?  If so, Good news:  You’re NOT the only person at work who mentally checks out after lunch and counts the seconds until you can leave. In a new […]


One in Six Bosses Will Drive By an Employee’s House to Make Sure They’re Really There on Sick Days

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but some people LIE about being SICK to get time off from work. And according to a survey by CareerBuilder, one in three employers say that workers take more […]


Two Out of Five People Would Rather See a Coworker Get Fired Than Take a Pay Cut Themselves

Would you give up a few grand of your salary so that one of your coworkers could keep their job?  According to a new survey, two out of five people say . . . ABSOLUTELY […]


Today is “Improve Your Office Day” . . . and a Survey Finds What Workers Want to Change at Work

You didn’t know this, but today is a completely made-up holiday called “Improve Your Office Day.”  Seriously.  That makes things like “Grandparents’ Day” and “Sweetest Day” look legitimate. I think it might have been invented by […]


Jobs That Will Make People Hate You

According to CoEd Magazine, there are some jobs that will make people hate you.  You’re just trying to make a living, but when you do some of these jobs, they may yell at you.  Throw […]


More Than Half of Adults Think a Ten-Minute Outdoor Recess at Work Would Be a Good Idea

If you got to run around outside for a few minutes every day, maybe swing on some monkey bars or throw around a football . . . would it make you a better worker? An […]


The Month You’re Born in Makes a Huge Impact on Your Future Career

This sounds like some mix of astrology, superstition, and an old wives’ tale . . . but apparently there’s actual data to back it up. A new study out of England found that the MONTH […]


The Six Most Annoying Work Habits That Can Get You Fired

People do annoying things all the time at work, and it usually doesn’t get them fired.  But you definitely want to avoid doing the things on this list. 


The Most Stressful Job for Women is . . . Stay-At-Home Mom

This one’s for all the women dreaming about the day you can drop out of the rat race and just stay at home raising kids.  About three months in, you’re going to WISH you still […]


You’re More Likely to Find Your Future Spouse at Work Than Through Online Dating

According to CareerBuilder’s annual office romance survey, 31% of people have dated a co-worker at some point in their career.  And 38% of them ended up MARRYING that person.  Those are better odds than basically […]