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Here’s A Great “Feel Good” Story For You!

An 18-year-old guy in Indianapolis had to quit school two years ago when his mother died, so he could support his family.  Last week, he found out about a job at a thrift store 10 […]

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I’m not sure about how you feel, but I LOVE the rain! I grew up in Wisconsin, and the rain always had a calming affect on me. I can remember streets in Milwaukee like Bluemound […]

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Say it isn’t so! Hostess, the parent company of the Twinkie, Snowball, Wonder bread, and more, says it is going to liquidate because not enough striking employees are coming into work which will force them […]



Things That Start Wars in the Office

Anytime people are expected to share a common area for a prolonged amount of time, conditions are always perfect for a feud to boil over. That’s certainly true at the workplace. There are so many […]



A Labor Day Quiz For You

See how you do.  The answers are at the end. 1. What type of job employs the most Americans: autoworkers, teachers or farmers? 2. What do American workers spend the most time doing: drinking coffee, […]



10 Most Overused Business Phrases

According to a new survey, nearly half of all employees say they lose respect for coworkers who use meaningless business-speak . . . like “Think outside the box.”  But one in three of us end […]



Ok, Even I Love Wasting Company Time On This Website!

  Remember going to carnivals as a kid and seeing the sand art table? You could design your own work of art by pouring different colors of sand into a jar or bottle. Now you […]



SURVEY: Office Chit-Chat Is the Biggest Time Waster at Work

  A new survey has found that office chit-chat is the biggest time waster at work. 14 percent of those surveyed admitted that gabbing at the water cooler was their biggest time waster at the […]


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Here Are the Ten Office Supplies We Steal Most Often

We’ve all ended up at home with a pencil, pen or notepad from work whether it was on purpose or not.  On the other hand, some of us treat the company office supply closet as […]


iPad Users Are Three Times More Likely to Yell at Their Co-Workers

A survey of Canadian workers by Toshiba found that the biggest source of stress in the office is . . . technology that doesn’t work right. 40% of people said malfunctioning technology was the most […]