Even More BBQ Rules…This Time NOT Endorsed By Tom Peake…but funny!

On Friday morning’s show, I passed along a list of “Rules” from a listener who had emailed them in.  I thought they were very funny, but I DID NOT endorse them.  I had a request […]


The 100 Most Memorable Female TV Characters

March is Women’s History Month.  It’s the time to celebrate the contributions women have made to society…and the small screen.  TVsquad.com has come out with a list of the 100 Most Memorable Female TV Characters.  […]


Women Have Superpowers That They May Not Know About

Ladies… I really hate to arm you with this information, but the next time you want you man to buy you something expensive, all you have to do is TOUCH him on the arm! 


Here Are The Nine Highest-Paying Jobs For Women

It’s no secret that women earn less than men, even if they’re just as qualified, have just as much experience, and are just as good at what they do.  And it’s not just in low-paying […]


Holy Cow Guys… Say It Ain’t So!!

Ummmm Beer! Guys, you may want to sit down for this one.  According to historian Jane Peyton, men owe women for…


Guys, Now There’s Proof That It’s Not our Fault!

New research reveals men can get high just by looking at curvy women.


“Puppy Love”

I was in a relationship once where my girlfriend was more into her dog than me. (This didn’t last long…)  I thought that was odd. Apparently not!!! A recent poll says 1 in 5 adults would […]