Feeling KOOL – Women and Weight Training

Women who train with weights are at less risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.  A study of the long-term health of 100-thousand nurses showed that women who lifted weights or did some other form of […]

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Grow up? Are you kidding?

So you may have heard about a new study that males don’t grow up until the age of 43 OR 11 years later than women.  I don’t know, but do we ever grow up?  I […]

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Wrinkles are the Thing Women Worry About Most as They Age . . . Here’s the Top 20

  According to a new survey, women start worrying about getting older at age 29.  Of course that’s ridiculous and WAY too premature, so first of all:  Relax.  You look great. But according to the […]


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Men Versus Women on Social Networking . . . Who Updates More, Unfriends More, and Gets Embarrassed More?

A new study broke down how men and women in the U.S. use social media.  It found women are more likely to use social media, un-friend someone, and update their status daily than men.  They’re […]


What’s the Most Offensive Thing a Woman Can Call a Man?

  Apparently, men are SO sensitive that the most insulting thing you can say to them is totally FCC-friendly. This isn’t a scientific study or anything, but according to an article on the website Jezebel.com, […]


Seven Pets and What They Say About a Guy’s Relationship Potential

We’ve seen lists like this before, and they’re always pretty stupid.  But the dating website YourTango.com has a list of pets and what they say about a guy’s relationship potential.


Just Knowing That a Woman Might Talk to Him Makes a Guy Dumber

A few years back, a study found that men did worse on tests when there was a woman in the room.  The conclusion was that just the PRESENCE of a woman makes men dumber.  C’mon […]


Women Tell 474 Lies About Food Every Year . . . Here are the Top 20

Not exactly breaking news . . . but people lie about food.  A lot.  And you know who I blame?  SOCIETY.  Let us be chubby and happy. According to a new survey sponsored by Timex, […]


Beer For The Ladies…

There’s a new beer brand called CHICK BEER which calls itself the, quote, “only beer brand designed for women.”  (–Apparently it’s never heard of Michelob Ultra, but whatever.) Women drink about 25% of all the […]


You’ve Heard of the Lingerie Football League . . . and Now They’re Doing the Same Thing With Basketball

In 2009, someone came up with the AMAZING idea of starting the Lingerie Football League.  And it took two years, but now someone’s doing it with the much BOUNCIER sport of basketball.