Things A Man Should Never Do In The Company Of A Woman

The editors of Marie Claire advise against bad tips, blow-drying, and cleaning your gun. Here.s what women say a Man Should Never Do in the Company of a Woman.  By the way, feel free to […]

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Tom and Maria

95% Of These Household Items Are Bought By Women. What Are They?

  Men like them too, but we seldom buy them.  95% of candles are bought by women!  So, come on and fess up guys, your mancard is safe this time.  What’s your favorite scent?  I’ll […]


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“Who Wants To Be An NBA Star?”

The NBA playoffs are in full swing.  Sorry, Suns fans…I know that stings!  Something quite odd happened at yesterday’s Lakers / Nuggets game.  If you counted heads, there were 14 on the court at one […]


Things Guys Think Would Be Awesome

A man’s brain is always working and thinking of new things that would make life better. Anytime you hang out with your buddies, someone will always ask a question that begins with, “You know what […]


Why Men And Women Can’t Be “Just Friends.”

It’s the debate made famous by When Harry Met Sally — can men and women just be friends? Two students at Utah State University have created a three-minute video titled “Why Men and Women Can’t […]


Why It Might Be Great To Be A Woman

Many women often complain about the unfair treatment that they endure because it’s “man’s world.”  Hold on there Baba Louie.


If I Could Be A Member Of The Oposite Sex For One Day…

Let’s face it, being the member of each sex has its benefits.  Men can probably go through the car-buying process a little easier.  Women are more likely to get a free beer!  What would you do if […]