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Meet California Saga, New Band Comprised of Beach Boys’ Kids

California Saga may be Beach Boys cover band by the Beach Boys’ spawn, but there’s a twist: They’re not concerned with the hits.


Wilson Phillips Is Reuniting…And Coming To Phoenix!

Wilson Phillips CHYNNA PHILLIPS announced, quote, “I’m thrilled that the Wilson Phillips family is coming back together again.  We’ve known each other for more than 20 years.  We’re like family.  I’m excited about working with […]


Birthdays and Departures – Friday

BIRTHDAYS AND DEPARTURES -2/12 1935 – [lastfm]GENE McDANIELS[/lastfm] (‘A HUNDRED POUNDS OF CLAY) 1935 – RAY MANZAREK ([lastfm]DOORS[/lastfm]) 1945 – JOE SCHERMIE ([lastfm]THREE DOG NIGHT[/lastfm]) 1945 – [lastfm]CLIFF DeYOUNG[/lastfm] 1949 – STANLRY KNIGHT ([lastfm]BLACK OAK […]