White Christmas


White Christmas in May?

YES! I am already excited for the holidays…seriously.  What you may not know is that on THIS day back in 1942, Bing Crosby recorded the Irving Berlin song “White Christmas”.  He recorded the song with the […]

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Will You Have A White Christmas?

We’re close enough to Christmas that meteorologists can make pretty accurate predictions on whether or not we’re going to have snow.  Here are AccuWeather.com’s predictions on white Christmases around the country.   —Highest chance:  The […]


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Randy Newman: “I’m Dreaming Of A White President”

The lyrics, which reference “White Christmas,” include this stanza: “I’m dreaming of a white President/Just like the ones we’ve always had/A real live white man/Who knows the score/How to handle money or start a war/Wouldn’t even have to tell me what we were fighting for/He’d be the right man.”