Weird Al

Weird Al Does It Again

I have always liked Weird Al Yankovic.  He really is a creative genius.  When I was a teenager, I saw Weird Al in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Summerfest.  I didn’t realize this, but Al has to get […]


Weird Al Lives

I think [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Weird Al Yankovic [/lastfm]is one of the most talented musicians EVER!  Oh sure…some disagree, saying he just does parodies and has no original ideas.  But, I feel it’s way harder to parody a […]


Weird Al Is Watching (Your Kids)

You gotta give it to Weird Al Yankovic.  The man is CREATIVE!  His ability to re-lyric hit songs is quite impressive!  I loved him as a kid, and I still do.  Now, YOUR kids can […]