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10 Artists We’d Love to See Lead the ‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ Band

From Mark Ronson to Weird Al, here’s who we think should take the reins.


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Weird Al Wraps up 8 Days and 8 Videos with “Mission Statement”

Monday Weird Al wrapped up his eight days of videos with “Mission Statement” in the style of Crosby, Stills & Nash. Check out the video!   Over the weekend the fun kept on rolling with […]


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Weird Al Day #5 – Sports Song

Weird Al teams up with Funny or Die to do “Sports Song” for day 5 of 8 days of 8 videos.  Today he’s busting out the marching band!


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Weird Al Day #4 – Handy

For day 4 of Weird Al’s 8 videos in 8 days parodies “Fancy”as a “Handy” Man Infomercial.


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Watch Weird Al Cover Aluminum Foil, the Illuminati in One Fell Swoop with ‘Royals’ Parody ‘Foil’

“Foil,” the third video from Yankovic’s brand new Mandatory Fun, tackles what happens to food after it’s taken home. Oh, and the Illuminati.


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Weird Al Day #3 – FOIL

For day 3 of Weird Al’s 8 videos in 8 days parodies Lorde’s “Royals” with aluminum foil and all of it’s uses from keeping fresh your food and your mind.


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Weird Al Day #2 – Word Crimes

Continuing on his 8 videos in 8 days mini marathon, Weird Al has gone all “School of Rock” on us with “Word Crimes”.


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Nerdist Presents: Weird Al’s #8videos8days Challenge

‘Weird Al’ Yankovich left his twitter followers on the edge of their seats when announced via twitter that he plans to release eight videos from his new album Mandatory Fun over a period of 8 […]


Weird Al Does It Again

I have always liked Weird Al Yankovic.  He really is a creative genius.  When I was a teenager, I saw Weird Al in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Summerfest.  I didn’t realize this, but Al has to get […]


Weird Al Lives

I think [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Weird Al Yankovic [/lastfm]is one of the most talented musicians EVER!  Oh sure…some disagree, saying he just does parodies and has no original ideas.  But, I feel it’s way harder to parody a […]