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Feeling KOOL – Signs you’re NOT getting enough sleep

If any of the stuff on this list applies to you, maybe skip the St. Patrick’s Day stuff tomorrow and get some sleep.  Here are four signs you’re not getting enough.   1.  You’re moody.  […]

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Feeling KOOL – Women + Stress = Weight Gain

Stress may be a key risk factor for women when it comes to weight gain.  Researchers at the Ohio State University found women who are stressed either at home or in their jobs have slower […]

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Three Biggest Worries Women Have About Their Appearance

According to an article from the Harley Medical Group, women worry about their appearance. Surprise! I know that it comes as a shock to many, but they’ve come up with the 3 biggest worries. See […]


New numbers on what we should weigh.

Americans’ Ideal Weight Has Changed

Our Ideal Weight Has Changed BIG TIME! What Should You Weigh?


“Get Off The Tacos!”

What would YOU say or do if someone told you to “get off the tacos?”  It happened to 17 year-old Domonique Ramirez.  And, she was Miss San Antonio!!!  I say “was” because they took away […]