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A Pretty Cool Wedding Proposal!

Some guy told his girlfriend that his brother wanted them to act in his action film.  During the filming, he popped the question.  Her reaction says it all.

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Botched Marriage Proposal!

This is probably one of the WORST marriage proposals ever! You will not believe what happens when this man tries to propose! CBS Intern- Casey Brecker

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Today’s Top 10 Tuesday Is All About Love! Awww!!!

Guys, don’t panic yet, but Valentine’s Day is coming up on Friday.  Make a note to stop in at Circle K on the way home from work Friday and pick up one of those fine […]

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The 10 Bad Habits Men and Women Hate Most in Their Partner

According to a survey, these are the 10 bad habits that women dislike most in their boyfriends or husbands: #1.)  They’re immature. #2.)  They dress like a bum. #3.)  They’re thoughtless. #4.)  They hate to […]

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Is This One Of The Bee Gee’s? Or, Is It Tom Peake

I came across a picture  of me getting ready to be in a friend’s wedding around Christmas time 1977.  What should the caption read?


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Bobby Brown Says ‘I Do’ Again

Four months after the tragic death of ex-wife Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown married his fiancee Alicia Etheridge on Monday, June 18. According to People, Brown was married in Hawaii less than 24 hours after performing […]


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Former Announcer for the Chicago Bulls Reading the Intros at a Wedding Reception

This makes you wish you knew someone, who knew someone who could have done this at your wedding! Ray Clay was the P.A. announcer for the Chicago Bulls in the ’90s, and he introduced Michael […]


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Nancy Wilson Got Married!

Congratulations to Nancy Wilson of Heart.  She just got married over the weekend!  The lucky dude is Geoff Bywater, a FOXmusic executive.  I was trying to remember if Nancy talked about her beau when we […]


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Sorry Ladies…Neil Got Hitched!

I’ve got good news and bad news.  The bad news first?  OK.  Hearts were broken around the globe this weekend.  WHY?  That’s the good news.  Neil Diamond got married!  The “Solitary Man” is solitary no […]


Four Big Findings From a New Study on Marriage

Yesterday, the CDC released the results of a huge new study on marriage in America.  Maybe this will help explain what’s going right, or what went wrong.