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Botched Marriage Proposal!

This is probably one of the WORST marriage proposals ever! You will not believe what happens when this man tries to propose! CBS Intern- Casey Brecker

94.5 KOOL FM–09/23/2014

You Proposed!!! So….What Is She REALLY Thinking?

A new survey by a website called tried to figure out exactly what goes through a woman’s head after her boyfriend finally PROPOSES.  And the answers are all over the place.  What do you […]


A Woman Lost Her Wedding Ring 16 Years Ago . . . and Just Found It Growing on a Carrot in Her Garden

The problem with wedding and engagement rings is that they cost a FORTUNE, they carry a TON of sentimental value, and they’re SUPER easy to lose. Back in 1995, Lena Paahlsson of northern Sweden was […]


I Want My Kidney Back!

Years ago, someone came up with the brilliant “rule” that you should spend two months’ salary on an engagement ring.  But, who has that kind of money???  Some poor guy decided to SELL HIS KIDNEY […]