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Long Train A Running, And Not The Doobie Brothers Song…

Am I crazy or are you wondering…why? This marriage will not last…


Who Is The Bride Wearing?

There’s only been six months of tireless speculation and hundreds of exhausted journalists who (unsuccessfully) tried to unravel the mystery of who would design the princess bride’s wedding dress. The day has finally come: Kate Middleton is wearing a long-sleeved, ivory lace […]


Would You Buy Your Wedding Dress At Costco?

When you’re shopping for a wedding dress, there’s about to be a new option . . . one far, far away from the overpriced boutique bridal shops.  In fact, this one’s set up at the […]


Wedding Dresses Made Out Of Toliet Paper!!??

Yes, and you could make some money with it too!  There’s also a video, just click more…