Memorial Day Weekend Full of #1’s of the 70’s and 80’s! Read More


Elderly Couple Trying To Use A Webcam.

This is pretty darn funny!  It also shows just how much in love they still are.  Then there’s the part where he talkes about her boobies!


Tom and Maria in 60 Seconds

What did Maria get for Valentine’s Day?


Tom and Maria in 60 Seconds

Find out what prizes they have for you tomorrow!!


[Video] Tom and Maria in 60 Seconds

It’s short and to the point! Tom and Maria highlight just the main info you need from today. In this one Jeffrey T. Mason makes a rare appearance!


Video- Tom and Maria in 60 seconds

Did your Zodiac Sign change? Tickets for tomorrow to giveaway…All in 60 seconds.


Tom and Maria in 60 Seconds

1-12-2011 Tom and Maria talk about the weather, football, wings and what’s coming up tomorrow on their show all in 60 seconds.


Video: Tom and Maria in 60 sec

What’s going on with Tom and Maria today?


Video – Tom and Maria In 60 Seconds

Oh no, Tom takes the chair! Listen tomorrow for Family 4 Pack to the Nutcracker. Check out Maria’s dogs, she dressed them up for the Holidays.