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    Do you want to know today’s weather? How about the weather on this day 20 years ago?


Cover Up Your Plants

There’s a freeze watch in effect for most of Phoenix through Tuesday morning. The National Weather Service reports parts of the Valley could see temperatures below the freezing mark this morning. Monday’s high is only […]


The Monsoon Is Here, And If You’re New To The Valley, You Should Know This…

Monsoon Thanks to, here are some tips for surviving the Arizona Monsoon..


“Oh NO-zone” alert today

As I write this blog at 10:35am, it’s already over 100 degrees in Phoenix.  Today will most-likely be the hottest day of the year so far.  Though, the next few most-likely won’t top it.  There’s […]


“I’m kind of a big deal around here” (NOT REALLY)

Imagine my surprise when I read yesterday’s Arizona Republic and saw myself in the paper!  Well, OK…I didn’t really SEE myself.  It wasn’t even my name.  But, I was definitely mentioned.  And, it was NOT […]


Worried About The Rain Today?

Here’s a look at weather radar… CLICK HERE