Phoenix Hit By Massive Dust StormCheck out this awesome time-lapse footage from Tuesday's storm...
Are You Ready For Some (COLD) Football!!!!!
There's Rain Out There This Morning!
Charles Barkley Tried To Do The Weather On Ch-15!
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"After The Ordeal": A Post-Sandy PlaylistHurricane Sandy came, and, thankfully, is now gone. (And by the way, you can follow developments in the post-Sandy story at CBS New York, CBS Philadelphia and CBS Boston, and other CBS Local sites.) We hope everyone who was in the path of the storm is safe and in the process of picking up the pieces.
Stormy Monday: Your Hurricane Sandy PlaylistThe east coast is hanging on through the massive weather storm that is Hurricane Sandy, and hopefully for you, the next day (or two) will just involve staying (safely) inside. If that's the case for you (and we hope it is), here's a a playlist to get you through the storm. And no, we didn't forget about The Scorpions' "Rock You Like A Hurricane," we just thought we'd go with some less obvious choices.
Hurricane Reporters: Ultimate Fail Video!
Phoenix Hit With Third Straight Haboob!
Prince Charles...Meteorologist?
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