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Are You Ready For Some (COLD) Football!!!!!

The forecast for game time in Green Bay on Sunday evening for the playoff game between the Packers and the 49ers is -8 F.  The record coldest NFL game temperature is -13 F set Dec […]

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There’s Rain Out There This Morning!

Check it out on “Man Color” Radar.  

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Charles Barkley Tried To Do The Weather On Ch-15!

Valley favorite Charles Barkley showed up at ABC 15’s door and ended up doing the weather report.  Check it out…

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Will You Have A White Christmas?

We’re close enough to Christmas that meteorologists can make pretty accurate predictions on whether or not we’re going to have snow.  Here are’s predictions on white Christmases around the country.   —Highest chance:  The […]


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“After The Ordeal”: A Post-Sandy Playlist

Hurricane Sandy came, and, thankfully, is now gone. (And by the way, you can follow developments in the post-Sandy story at CBS New York, CBS Philadelphia and CBS Boston, and other CBS Local sites.) We hope everyone who was in the path of the storm is safe and in the process of picking up the pieces.


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Stormy Monday: Your Hurricane Sandy Playlist

The east coast is hanging on through the massive weather storm that is Hurricane Sandy, and hopefully for you, the next day (or two) will just involve staying (safely) inside. If that’s the case for you (and we hope it is), here’s a a playlist to get you through the storm. And no, we didn’t forget about The Scorpions’ “Rock You Like A Hurricane,” we just thought we’d go with some less obvious choices.


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Hurricane Reporters: Ultimate Fail Video!

With the recent landfall of Hurricane Isaac on the Gulf coast, we’ve seen a LOT of television coverage.  I think we can all agree that Jim Cantore at The Weather Channel is the craziest mofo […]


Haboob hovers over downtown Phoenix (photo by: Randall Tyree)

Phoenix Hit With Third Straight Haboob!

Check this photo of the Haboob hovering over downtown Phoenix! This is the thrid straight day that a Haboob has hit the Valley…  Did you take a photo of the haboob that’s better than ours? […]


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Prince Charles…Meteorologist?

Look out, Nicole Yates!  She’s the morning meteorologist at CBS 5, and is very KOOL.  There’s a new weather guru in front of the green screen.  And, his name is…Prince Charles!  I’m pretty sure he’s […]


POLL: Can You Stand The Rain?

[sponsored] As I was perusing Facebook yesterday, I saw a lot of mixed emotions in the form of status updates.  Some people are really digging the rainy weather this week, while others can’t stand it!  […]