Carnival Celebrated In Venezuelan As Tensions Over Government Loom

This Dog REALLY Loves The Water

What happens when you strap a GoPro on the back of a dog who love to race to the water?  Total AWESOMENESS.  Check out the video above and enjoy!


Would You Pay Money for Pool Water That Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Their Daughter Swam In?

I can see this becoming a new celebrity fad:  Someone is selling a four-ounce bottle of water on eBay.  And this is no ordinary water.  It was taken from a pool in Miami after TOM […]


Working Out? Have BEER Afterwards!

Sure, it sounds silly.  But, apparently BEER is a highly effective recovery drink after a workout!  A new study shows it’s even better than water or Gatorade.  But, there’s a catch.  Of course…there’s ALWAYS a […]


Got Water? They NEED Water.

Phoenix is collecting donations of bottled water to provide summer relief for the homeless, seniors and others in need. The city will offer water and respite at its three Family Services Centers and 15 senior […]


There’s a Golf Course in Australia With 30 Sharks in One of the Water Hazards

Imagine hitting your golf ball into a water hazard, walking to the edge of the water, and seeing a ten-foot SHARK swimming around.  Well, it’s possible at the Carbrook Golf Club in Queensland, Australia, which […]


Can Tempe borrow your hose?

While we wait for the new bladders to be installed at Tempe Town Lake, there’s another issue-at-hand: where will we get the water to fill up the lake when the dam is rebuilt?  The city […]