11-23-2014 Fruit Vines (18)

Fruit Vines at Wal-Mart 11-23-14

Today KOOL FM was giving you a chance to try the NEW Fruit Vines from Redvines out in Surprise. Find them at your local store. See photos here



VIDEO: The Naked Wal-Mart Thief

Verdon Lamont Taylor was arrested at an Exton, PA Wal-Mart on Wednesday for shoplifting socks.  While I don’t condone criminal activity, I DO have mixed emotions about this arrest.  See, the 6 foot 4, 300 […]


Here’s What The Loudspeaker Codes At Wal-Mart Mean

WalletPop.com asked former employees of Kmart, Wal-Mart, and other department stores to explain the color-coded messages they sometimes say over the loudspeaker.  They vary from store to store…


Target (Pronounced Tar-jhay)

Our world is divided into two camps: Wal-Mart people and Target people.  I’m one of the latter.  Rarely does a weekend go by that I don’t visit Target!  (And, yes…it’s pronounced Tar-jhay.)  Planning a visit this weekend?  Here […]