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Doh! Another Ice Bucket Challenge!

Even the Simpsons are in on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! I know there are a lot of people with different opinions on all of these viral posts of people doing the Ice Bucket Challenge. […]

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Magician Darcy Oake Wows Britain’s Got Talent

Darcy Oake blew away the judges in one of the top talent shows in the world and now his performance is going viral on the net. The 26 year old performed the magic trick that is […]

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Traffic! UGH! It seems that in every state that I have lived in it’s the same thing. “People in (fill in the state name here) don’t knbow how to drive!” Don’t get me started on […]

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2014-01-10 09_47_16-Rockets mascot Clutch scares players after practice - YouTube

Mascots Are Scary!

Over the holidays, I posted a viral video with a snowman on the street that would jump out and scare people walking by. Now, I found another one but this is with the mascot from […]

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A Salute To Mom “sniff, sniff”

Grab a tissue! There is a video making the rounds with the upcoming Olympics. Proctor & Gamble made this and it is a salute to the “MOMS” who raise their little athletes. I have a […]

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See, What I Saw was a See-Saw FAIL!

Oh boy. Remember doing this on the playground and almost killing yourself! Here is a little compilation of See-Saw FAILS! Be prepared to laugh, and feel the pain!  

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The Funniest Viral Video I’ve Seen In A Long Time!

There’s a video online where a woman is filming her husband after he wakes up from a hernia operation, and he’s REALLY out of it.  And when he looks at her, he doesn’t know who […]

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He goes by “kickalicious” but his name is Havard Rugland and he is from Norway. This video shows him making some pretty increadible kicks both on and off the field. They are amazing! Now, this […]

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Latest Viral Video…Want To See A Baby Laugh… A Lot?

Seriously, could you ever have enough laughing baby videos? This adorable baby girl has discovered the funniest thing ever — a dog eating popcorn.

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Mom Teaches Puppy How To Go Down Stairs

Here’s a video that went viral, and it’s pretty darn cute!

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