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[WATCH] “I’m So Married” Parody Video Takes The Internet By Storm

I am sure you all watched the Iggy Azlea cover song titled “I’m So Pregnant”… well it is back and this time calling out all the married girls around the world! Watch this hilarious parody and […]


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[WATCH] Will Ferrell Surprises USA Fans With Inspiring World Cup Speech

With a few of the USA player coming down with injures and cramps.. the team thought that it was time to bring in their secret weapon… Who is it you ask!? Will Ferrell!!! Check out […]


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[WATCH] Dogs Hilarious Reaction To Cats Stealing Their Beds

The interactions between dogs and cats continuously makes me laugh. How is it that the most terrifying of dogs are afraid of cats a third of their size? Watch this hilarious video of cats showing […]


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[WATCH] Mom Throws Her Daughter A Period Party

A girl getting her period for the first time is a monumental day but what would if you caught your daughter lying about This hilarious commercial shows a mom throwing her daughter a “first moon party”! […]


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[WATCH] 100,000 Ducks Caught On Video Walking Down The Street

What would you do if you saw 100,000 ducks walking down the street? I probably would have done the same thing as this guy… get that on video! WATCH:  


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[WATCH] Jimmy Fallon Makes Hilarious “Baby’s Got Back” Featuring Brian Williams

This might be the most magically video of all time! Check out NBC Nightly News’ Brian Williams rendition of “Baby Got Back”, courtesy of Jimmy Fallon:    


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[WATCH] Dad Lip Syncs His Daughter’s Temper Tantrum

Ever see your kids or a friends kids throwing a temper tantrum and just want to laugh?? Watch this dad’s response:


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[WATCH] Father’s Day Shopping Prank

With Father’s Day around the corner we thought we would bring you a little Father’s day prank! Happy shopping!    


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[WATCH] Man Fights Off Shark After Cliff Diving & Catches it on VIDEO

This is one of the most terrifying videos I have ever seen… really gets me second guessing going cliff jumping. Check out the shocking video of a man who went cliff diving and found himself […]


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[WATCH] “I’m So Pregnant” Parody Song Takes The Internet By Storm

Is it just me or is everyone pregnant right now? I know one thing- when I get pregnant I am going to make sure it is not during this summer heat! I stumbled across this […]