Eagle vs. DroneCheck out this video of an eagle punching a drone out of the sky. You can also see the slow-mo and recovery videos as well...
If Cats Said "Mom" Instead of "Meow"What if your cat could say "mom"? Wonder no more... Check out this hilarious video and Happy Mother's Day!!!
Blondie: Time flies when you release more FUN!Blondie has a new single called "Fun" and album called "Pollinator". Watch the video for, just for "FUN"
She's Only 4-Years Old, But You Can Tell That She Loves Singing With Her Daddy!I'm not sure who's having more fun, daddy or daughter! You have to watch little Ryann sing a Toy Story song with her dad!
Need A Smile?Can I use my car as a winch?
First Time This Baby Tries Bacon!Do you remember the first time YOU tried delicious, crispy, wonderful bacon?
Cats vs. Cucumbers
Car Wash Manager Gets Taken for a Ride
I NEVER Saw This Coming!
Watch Brian Wilson and Al Jardine create "The Right Time"
[WATCH] Little Girl Freaks Out After Dad Shaves His Beard
[WATCH] Tennagers React To NINTENDO (NES)

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