i-Phone Comes To Verizon

I’m a longtime Verizon Wireless customer.  (Though, I am NOT getting paid for this endorsement!)  I guess the reason I own a Droid is because the i-Phone wasn’t available to me.  Now, it IS.  Verizon made […]


I-Pad, You-Pad, Verizon-Pad?

Much like my Wal-Mart/Target theory, I think the entire world falls into just two OTHER categories: Droid or iPhone.  I am in the Droid group.  That’s mainly because I’ve been a Verizon customer for many […]


“Can You Hear Me Now?”

What would YOU do if you made a phone call, turned around and saw the entire network standing behind you?  Well, it happened!  Yes, the Verizon commercial came to life.  Would you laugh?  Would you […]