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KOOL Times at the Glendale Chocolate Affaire

It was a KOOL day in Historic Downtown Glendale at the Chocolate Affaire with the KOOL Kids on the Block. People were lined up all day at our tent trying to win their favorite prize […]


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Top 10 ANTI-Valentine’s Day Songs

While I’m playing all sorts of Valentine’s Day dedications on the radio, I thought I’d go in a different direction for today’s blog. Instead of getting sappy and romantical (fake word – I made it […]


Name Something After YOUR Valentine

International Star Registry Custom Star Kit Think your Valentine is a star? Put his or her name on one with the International Star Registry Custom Star Kit ($50 on The package includes a certificate […]


The Language Of Love

It is fun to learn how to say I love you in various languages.


Valentine’s Day Is the Busiest Day of the Year . . . For Private Detectives?

Florists and restaurant servers aren’t the only ones working double duty on Valentine’s Day . . . so are PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS.  Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest times of the year for detectives, because […]


The Average Couple Texts or Calls Each Other 20 Times a Day

Just in time to cause a Valentine’s Day argument, comes this little bit of information… According to a new survey, the average young couple texts or calls each other 20 TIMES a day . . […]


Not your ordinary valentines day cupcake...

If This Does Not Say I Love You…I Give Up!

Want that something special for your valentine? It’s a bit pricey…but she’s worth it…..


Tom & Maria’s KOOLest 10 Seconds Contest

We’re giving away Kenny G concert tickets this week @ 6:40 in the morning if you can win “Tom & Maria’s KOOLest 10 Seconds!”  You have 10 seconds to name 5 things that all have […]


Nothing Says Love Like A Cockroach…

If flowers and cards and jewelry aren’t doing it…we’ve got the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.


MORE Hand Made Valentines Day Cards

I loved Valentines Day as a kid.  Remember when you would take an old shoe box and lace doilies and contruction paper to decorate your Valentine Holder.  NOW, it’s the Valentine’s themselves that are handmade.  […]





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