How Did This Whole Valentine Day Thing Get Started Anyway!!

A little history: St. Valentine’s Day celebrates the feasts of two Christian martyrs of this name back in 269 AD.


More Help For Guys On Valentine’s Day

Don’t know what to tell her on Valentine’s day?  I found an authority on the subject to help you out.  This comes from the “Larry Stone” guide to learning the language of love!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’re less than a week from Valentine’s Day and since you’re a cheapskate looking for a unique gift that seems like you went to a lot of trouble.  How about a romantic postmark from the […]


Here it comes boys!

Are you and your wallet ready?  You only have a few days left before the curtain goes up on your Valentine’s Day performance…and you had better do it right.  


The Post-Valentine’s DUMP!

Look what’s here this weekend…Chocolate/Flowers/Greeting Cards Day!  Or, as some call it…”Valentine’s Day.”  SO many people I know who are in bad relationships will wait until AFTER Valentine’s Day to dump their partner.  I guess […]