Cute Valentine Jokes

Make your sweetie smile with these Valentine’s Day jokes.

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Name Something After YOUR Valentine

International Star Registry Custom Star Kit Think your Valentine is a star? Put his or her name on one with the International Star Registry Custom Star Kit ($50 on The package includes a certificate […]


Valentine’s Day Is the Busiest Day of the Year . . . For Private Detectives?

Florists and restaurant servers aren’t the only ones working double duty on Valentine’s Day . . . so are PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS.  Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest times of the year for detectives, because […]


Tom & Maria’s KOOLest 10 Seconds Contest

We’re giving away Kenny G concert tickets this week @ 6:40 in the morning if you can win “Tom & Maria’s KOOLest 10 Seconds!”  You have 10 seconds to name 5 things that all have […]


Guys… The Number Of Roses You Give Someone Sends A Message!

You’d better learn the SECRET MESSAGES behind roses before you give them on Valentine’s Day.  Here are a few of those messages.  Six roses symbolizes passion and infatuation . . . 10 means you think […]


What Are The Most Popular Valentine’s Day Gifts?

Although spending may be down this year due to the struggling economic climate, according to American Greetings, men tend to spend more on Valentine’s Day gifts then women do, averaging $156.  Women spend an average […]


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Based on Her Personality Type

  If you’re stuck on what to get your woman for Valentine’s Day, we’ve got four gift ideas based on her personality type.


Valentine’s Trivia!

  —We spent over $1 billion on Valentine’s Day candy last year, making it the fourth most popular holiday for candy sales behind


Who’s Buying Those Valentine’s Day Cards…Men or Women?

It’s a toss-up whether men or women receive the most Valentine’s Day cards, but


Valentine’s Day Words Of Wisdom!

Words of love to live by from those who know…