The Four Most Helpful Facts From the 2011 Sunscreen Guide

If the hot weather has you making outdoor plans for this weekend, a non-profit called the Environmental Working Group recently published its “2011 Sunscreen Guide.” It rates the effectiveness of 1,700 different sunscreens, lip balms, […]


You Need A Vacation

Unless you’re Tom Peake, who has 31 years and a boatload of vacation time accrued at KOOL, you probably have 2-3 weeks of time off per year.  Do you use all of your days?  According to […]


Family Truckster…You’re Outta Here!

Did your family have a station wagon when you were growing up?  Maybe you bought one as a parent…to carry the clan.  It looks like those days are coming to an end.  The station wagon […]


Ask For Directions, Guys!

I’m a guy.  I can vouch for my gender’s stubbornness in asking for directions.  I can also vouch for my gender’s cheapness.  So, this should attack the issue:  the average man wastes $3000 in gas by […]


Get Out Of Here!

Another holiday weekend is upon us.  I know that because the new movies are out tomorrow, and not Friday.  While I doubt ANYONE has the next three days off, Monday is fine by me!  Take […]


Do you take vacation days?

With the state of unemployment in America, it’s NO surprise that many live in constant fear of losing their gig.  Apparently, we’re SO fearful, we don’t use all of our vacation days.  The thought seems […]


Summer’s Here… Now Where Can I Go On My Budget!!??

Let’s Go! There’s A Website That Tells You Where You Can Fly Based On Your Budget!  Travelling is expensive, and unless you’re super rich, you probably set aside a specific budget for your vacations.  Which […]