VIDEO: Dueling Ukeleles At Aulani

Halfway through the Hui celebration at Aulani Resort & Spa, Heart & Soul took the stage playing ukeleles.  If you thought “Dueling Banjos” was impressive, wait until you see these pros!  Watch the video now.  […]


VIDEO: Entertainment At Aulani!

  Erika is the Entertainment Operations manager at Aulani Resort & Spa.  (What a title!)  She tipped us off on the Lui last night.  Wait till you see the videos and pics from THAT party!  […]


VIDEO: Excursions At Aulani!

We’re learning SO much about Aulani, Disney’s newest resort & spa here in Hawaii!   Mike is the excursions director.  While there are a zillion things happening INSIDE the resort, there’s  a LOT to see outside…on the island.  Mike […]


VIDEO: Everything Aulani

This morning, we met Todd.  Not only is he a native hawaiian, he’s the director of public relations for the Aulani Resort & Spa.  That basically means he knows EVERYTHING Aulani!  In fact, you see […]


Women Ranked the Four Biggest Male Body Turn-Offs at the Beach

Summer vacation is coming and you guys, if you want to impress the ladies, here are four things that you want to avoid showing off at the beach.


People Rank Vacations as More Joyous Occasions Than the Birth of their Children?

Aren’t you supposed to say that the birth of your child was the happiest day of your life?  And if you’re not willing to go THAT far . . . could you at least say […]


The Four Most Helpful Facts From the 2011 Sunscreen Guide

If the hot weather has you making outdoor plans for this weekend, a non-profit called the Environmental Working Group recently published its “2011 Sunscreen Guide.” It rates the effectiveness of 1,700 different sunscreens, lip balms, […]


You Need A Vacation

Unless you’re Tom Peake, who has 31 years and a boatload of vacation time accrued at KOOL, you probably have 2-3 weeks of time off per year.  Do you use all of your days?  According to […]


Family Truckster…You’re Outta Here!

Did your family have a station wagon when you were growing up?  Maybe you bought one as a parent…to carry the clan.  It looks like those days are coming to an end.  The station wagon […]


Ask For Directions, Guys!

I’m a guy.  I can vouch for my gender’s stubbornness in asking for directions.  I can also vouch for my gender’s cheapness.  So, this should attack the issue:  the average man wastes $3000 in gas by […]