USA Today

USA Today Will Tell You What Year You Were Born In.

They have a quiz which was pretty accurate for me.  It was within 2 years of my birthday.  It’s fun to take.


Who Comes Up With This Stuff?

Hey, I’m all for Halloween themed stories.  I’ve recently blogged about candy, costumes, scary movies, haunted houses and even pumpkins!  But, I gotta say USA Today was really reaching with their recent poll question:  “Would you live […]


Michael Douglas Lets You In

The more I see and hear from Michael Douglas, the more I like the guy.  Hearing him speak of his battle with throat cancer truly inspires me.  At the least, it sure makes those little things […]


41-2 = 23? That’s Sports Math!

If you’re a Wildcats fan, you probably know U of A beat Toledo 41-2 last week!  Apparently, The USA Today Coaches Poll says 41-2 = 23.  Math scholars disagree.  Wildcats LOVE it!