Two And A Half Men

Charlie Sheen Blog De Jour

There seems to be a new Charlie Sheen story every day.  And, nobody’s happier about that than Charlie!  He gets to remain in the spotlight one more day.  But, he will NOT remain on “Two […]


Who Will Replace Charlie Sheen?

It seems a new piece of the “Charlie Sheen implosion puzzle” presents itself every day.  With Charlie saying he WON’T return to“Two And A Half Men” unless he gets a MILLION dollar raise (not a chance […]


Sorry, Charlie

Bad news for fans of “Two and a Half Men,” as the rest of this season has been cancelled!  Everyone knows the drama with Charlie Sheen.  But, yesterday…it got personal.  Charlie had some “unpleasant” (that’s […]


Two And A Half Hernias

  Following up on yesterday’s blog about Charlie Sheen, it looks like he’s gonna be OK.  (That is, IF he calms down with the booze, drugs and hookers.)  His abdominal pains were caused by a hiatal […]


Charlie Sheen Hauled Away

Yes, there WERE flashing lights and sirens at Charlie Sheen‘s house this morning.  But, this time, they WEREN’T police cars!  Charlie was taken to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in an ambulance.  According to a source at the hospital, […]


Everybody Loves Charlie

It’s crude, lewd, rude…and I can’t get enough of it!  I’m talking about “Two And A Half Men” on CBS, which just made an announcement about one of its stars.  Charlie Sheen makes a LOT of money – basically […]