Two And A Half Men

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Charlie Sheen Is Hoping to Return Back to ‘Two and a Half Men’

It looks like Charlie Sheen may be coming back to his previous series, Two and a Half Men! Sheen has reached out to Two and a Half Men and has pitched some ideas on his return although, it […]

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Is That REALLY You, Ashton Kutcher?

I spent a good chunk of my radio career playing country music.  So, I used to watch those award shows every year.  But, it’s been awhile.  Last night, it seemed like it had been a […]


Will Charlie Sheen Get $25 Million From Warner Brothers?

Numerous sources say that CHARLIE SHEEN is close to settling his $100 million lawsuit with Warner Brothers over being fired from “Two and a Half Men”. Some of those sources say Charlie will pocket a […]


Check Out Ashton Kutcher in the New “Two and a Half Men” Opening Sequence

CBS has released the new opening sequence for “Two and a Half Men” . . . featuring ASHTON KUTCHER instead of CHARLIE SHEEN’S.


Comedy Central Will Roast Charlie Sheen . . . on the Same Night as Ashton Kutcher’s “Two and a Half Men” Debut

Comedy Central’s next roast victim will be CHARLIE SHEEN.  The roast will tape September 10th, and will air on September 19th, which just happens to be the same night that ASHTON KUTCHER makes his debut […]


Jon Cryer’s First Comment About Ashton Over Sheen

Jon is so diplomatic about this it’s scary.  He’s jazzed about having Ashton Kutcher replacing Charlie Sheen on Two And A half Men, and in the same breathe says he’s grateful for Charlie.  


Charlie Sheen’s Replacement Announcement

Guess who will replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men?


Charlie Back To “Two & A Half Men?”

Who didn’t see THIS one coming?  The latest rumor is that CBS is trying to get Charlie Sheen BACK for “Two And A Half Men.”  This goes straight to the top with president Les Moonves.  […]


TV’s Biggest Moneymakers

Do you watch the most lucrative shows on television?  Judging by Forbes’ list of the TV’s Biggest Moneymakers, I watch only 2 of the top 10.  Makes sense.  I’ve never been part of the mainstream!  Suprised?  […]


Charlie Sheen’s Winning Recipe

    The producers of Three and a Half Men say Charlie Sheen‘s in no shape to work, but the man with Adonis DNA and tiger’s blood has proven otherwise. In this new, hysterical video […]