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Charlie Sheen Is Hoping to Return Back to ‘Two and a Half Men’

It looks like Charlie Sheen may be coming back to his previous series, Two and a Half Men! Sheen has reached out to Two and a Half Men and has pitched some ideas on his return although, it […]

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[WATCH] Details Revealed About TV Show “Frasier” That Will Shock You

Did you know that on the TV Show “Frasier”, all the callers were celebrities? Check out this video and see if you can match the voices to the stars. They put up a little picture […]



TV is for The Monkees

It was back on this day, May 31st, 1966, that The Monkees started shooting their TV Show, “The Monkees”. Do you remember the shows?  The first episode to be in front of the cameras was “Don’t […]

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