(Photo by Danny Zelisko)

Tweets From Tucson

The Beach Boys kicked off their big comeback last night with the 50th Anniversary Tour in Tucson! It’s SO big, even Brian Wilson is on stage with the boys.  To give you an idea of […]


Jessica Simpson & Demi Moore (Photos: Elle & Vanity Fair)

Elle Magazine Cover: Is This Too Much?

I remember when Demi Moore posed for the cover of Vanity Fair magazine in 1991.  It was pretty big news, as she was pregnant…and nude!  But, I can’t remember if there was any controversy surrounding […]


Phoenix Vs. Tucson

Phoenix Is #35! But, On WHAT List?

Before I tell you the list on which we’re #35, I’ll say that Tucson is #19.  They scored a B+.  Our ranking got us a B-.  This means WAR!!!  (Don’t you love forced rivalry?)  Actually, […]


Lion Taco Update

A Tucson restaurant has decided to scrap a plan to offer African lion meat in its exotic tacos starting next month.


Elton John poisoned in Tucson!

OK, I admit…that title is a bit dramatic and misleading.  I am sorry.  But, I had to get your attention!  [lastfm]Elton John[/lastfm] was to perform last night in Tucson.  But, the concert was postponed until […]