Someone Taught Their Dog How to Jump Rope . . . and It’s Really Good at It

Someone taught their dog how to jump rope . . . and it’s REALLY good at it.  It’s not just a single jump-rope either.  They taught the dog how to do double dutch!


This Will Tick You Off! A Rubik’s Cube Solved…Blindfolded

Solving a Rubik’s Cube seems like an incredibly big challenge — but not for Marcell Endry. He can solve it blindfolded in 28.80 seconds.


Now THIS Is A Rascal Scooter I would Like To Have!

Mobility scooters are those things old people use to get around . . . like a rascal.  Under ideal conditions, the world’s fastest one can go 70 miles an hour.  But from the looks of […]


Only Guy’s Would Think Of Doing This!

Some wacky guys decided to play merry-go-round in this crazy video. Let’s just say they didn’t exactly stay in one place. By the way, they decided to use a motorcycle for help in turning the […]