#Kidtopia Festival For Kids - Info - SOLD OUT
Water Bottle PrankNot a new prank, but a new wave of them has been hitting the web recently. This one is pretty funny. Check out the video...
Teacher Play Early April Fools' PrankApril Fools' Day falls on Saturday this year, so this Michigan elementary school teacher played an early prank on his fourth graders. Watch the video here...
Skittles = Rainbow Magic!This is a simple but awesome time-waster...
Holy Cow! This Guy Is Pretty Good!!This Guy Is Pretty Good
Someone Taught Their Dog How to Jump Rope . . . and It's Really Good at It
This Will Tick You Off! A Rubik's Cube Solved...Blindfolded
Now THIS Is A Rascal Scooter I would Like To Have!
Only Guy's Would Think Of Doing This!

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