Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

GoPro Under 75MPH Train!!!

GoPro cameras can go just about anywhere, including under a speeding train.  If you want to see what Superman see’s every time he’s supporting a train going over a set of broken tracks, check out this […]


Get Gleeked Out: Glee Presents ‘The Warblers’ With Super Fine Darren Criss

This fact hasn’t been proven, but it’s most likely true: Most of the Glee audience is female. While we don’t have hard facts that prove this, when the jauntily-uniformed all-boys group, The Warblers, showed up […]


The Bankruptcy Express

Everyone loves going to Vegas and blowing their money.  The only question is: how do we get rid of our life savings FASTER?  The car ride is just too long.  Planes are super fast, but […]