Train (Courtesy: Columbia Records)

Train’s Pat Monahan on His ‘Modest’ Image, Social Media Trolls & Steven Tyler’s Country Album

Train’s frontman talks about his ‘modest’ image and his band’s 20-year legacy. He also offers informed views on why KISS belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and whether Steven Tyler’s Nashville album will connect with country fans.


Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

GoPro Under 75MPH Train!!!

GoPro cameras can go just about anywhere, including under a speeding train.  If you want to see what Superman see’s every time he’s supporting a train going over a set of broken tracks, check out this […]


Get Gleeked Out: Glee Presents ‘The Warblers’ With Super Fine Darren Criss

This fact hasn’t been proven, but it’s most likely true: Most of the Glee audience is female. While we don’t have hard facts that prove this, when the jauntily-uniformed all-boys group, The Warblers, showed up […]


The Bankruptcy Express

Everyone loves going to Vegas and blowing their money.  The only question is: how do we get rid of our life savings FASTER?  The car ride is just too long.  Planes are super fast, but […]