Weird Places Parents Hide Their Kids’ Christmas Presents

Every year, I would hid my daughters presents in the shower of the master bathroom.  I swear that she never found them.  Maria said that she did.  I have a call in to here to […]


38% of People are Already Done With Their Christmas Shopping!

I really miss the days when everyone was as lazy as me.  Because somehow the mix of Black Friday media hype and Christmas starting in October has turned everyone else into proactive overachievers. According to […]


Check Out the Winning Routine from the 2011 World Yo-Yo Contest

The 2011 World Yo-Yo Contest took place in Orlando over the weekend, and a guy from Japan named Shinji Saito won his 12th world title in the 2-A division, which uses two Yo-Yo’s. You can […]


ALL-TIME 100 Greatest Toys

TIME has compiled a list of the ALL-TIME 100 greatest toys…everything from the View Finder to Zhu-Zhu pets.


KOOL Toys. Monday 11-15-2010

Sing-A-Ma-Jigs are off-beat plush characters that are hard to not fall in love with… regardless of age. Squeeze their tummies and they will open their little mouths, showing off their cute little teeth, and create […]


This Year’s Hottest Christmas Toys

If we did a story about Halloween today, you’d probably think, “Darn, it’s only September 22nd.  Let’s try to survive Columbus Day first.”  So this will really blow your mind:  We’re jamming right past Halloween […]