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The Songwriter Who Thought Stevie Wonder Ruined His Song

Ron Miller was a Motown staff songwriter  in the mid 60’s who early on wrote a hit for Stevie called A Place In The Sun.  When Ron wrote another song that Stevie wanted to record, […]


Rubberband Man Has A Funky Backstory

How does anyone come up with the idea to write a song about a band that gets down with the sound of rubber bands?  Songwriter Linda Creed wrote it for the [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Spinners[/lastfm] who took […]


Kenny Rogers With An Elvis Story I’d Never Heard

[lastfm]Kenny Rogers[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Dolly Parton[/lastfm] are part of today’s Top 5 @ 5 with a big hit from 1983.  Have you seen the two lately?  Here’s a picture taken a few weeks ago.  And a […]

94.5 KOOL FM–11/19/2010

Billy Ocean Then And Now

24 years ago today [lastfm]Billy Ocean’s[/lastfm] Caribbean Queen was climbing the charts to #1 where it would remain for 2 weeks.  


Chicago’s Biggest Hit Of 1976 Is In Today’s Top 5

With over 25 albums and 50 singles to their credit, [lastfm]Chicago[/lastfm] is one of the biggest hit making machines of the past 40 years.  Today’s Top 5 @ 5 contains their first #1 song – […]


The Beatles Biggest Rivals In 1964

Not [lastfm]The Rolling Stones[/lastfm], not [lastfm]Gerry and the Pacemakers[/lastfm], not [lastfm]The Who[/lastfm], not [lastfm]Peter and Gordon[/lastfm], not [lastfm]Elvis Presley[/lastfm].   Throughout the year, [lastfm]The Dave Clark Five[/lastfm] were [lastfm]The Beatles[/lastfm] biggest rivals in the states.  They […]


What Happened 40 Years Ago Today?

Sunday October 4, 1970.   


Huey Lewis On The Groups First Hit

Even with that first top 10 hit, Huey Lewis and the News didn’t sound like anyone else at the time.  Still don’t. 


The Biggest (And Maybe Best) Love Song Of ’66

Jim Yester of [lastfm]The Association[/lastfm] once told me they were referred to as the “kings of squeeze”.  Known for their great harmony not all of their songs were made for slow dancing.  But on this […]


What’s The Secret To Cher’s Longevity?

She’s ending her 200+ show run at Caesar’s Palace on February 5, 2011.  Like her or not you have to give kudo’s for the fact she’s outlasted most if not all her contemporaries that started […]