Top 10 Tuesday

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TOP 10 TUESDAY: Rolling Stones Songs

Well, here we are. Another Tuesday. Another TOP 10 TUESDAY in the books! Today we featured the TOP 10 Rolling Stones songs. Here is the list in case you missed it. #10 “Angie” #9 “Ruby Tuesday” #8 “Paint It […]

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TOP 10 TUESDAY: TV Theme Songs

So many TV shows and so many hit songs! I got the idea one day when I was listening to one of Casey Kasem’s old shows from back in the 70’s. There were more than a […]

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TOP 10 TUESDAY: Beatles Songs

What can you say about the Beatles that has not already been said? I know that their music has touched generations of people! In fact, my daughters surprised me in the car the other day…I was […]

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TOP 10 TUESDAY: Michael Jackson Songs

Michael Jackson made a lot of hit records with his brothers in the Jackson 5 and The Jackson’s, as well as all of his solo projects. Today, we narrowed it down to the TOP 10 […]

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TOP 10 TUESDAY: Rod Stewart Songs

Motown pushed out some of the biggest and most well know songs and artists of all time! TOP 10 Tuesday today tried to pull out the TOP 10 for the 1970’s. Here is the list […]

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TOP 10 TUESDAY: Rod Stewart Songs

What more can you say about Rod Stewart?  Today, we featured the TOP 10 songs from Rod Stewart.  In case you missed it, here is the list of songs. Next week, we will feature the […]

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It was a very interesting TOP 10 TUESDAY today as we featured the top 10 song TITLES with BOY names in them. The request lines had a bunch of people calling in with songs titles! […]

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TOP 10 TUESDAY: Chicago

It’s Tuesday and time for another edition of  “TOP 10 Tuesday”!  Chicago is coming to town to play at the Celebrity Theatre this Saturday, so today we featured the TOP 10 Chicago songs. In case you […]

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TOP 10 TUESDAY: Elton John

It’s Tuesday and time for another edition of  “TOP 10 Tuesday”!  Today we featured the TOP 10 Elton John songs. He has a lot of songs, so breaking it down to the Top 10 was […]

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Top 10 Tuesday- Fleetwood Mac

Welcome to another TOP 10 TUESDAY! Today we featured Fleetwood Mac as they will be performing this Thursday at the US Airways Center. Here are the TOP 10 Fleetwood Mac songs from todays countdown!   #10 […]

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