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The Beatles U.S. Albums Track By Track: Rubber Soul

Part 9 of my 12 part series of The Beatles U.S. Albums set released last month, continues with the game changing ‘Rubber Soul’ album, whose American track line up varied greatly from the British version […]

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The Beatles U.S. Albums Track By Track: Help!

Part 8 of my 12 part series on The newly released Beatles U.S. albums set continues with the ‘Help!’ album which was radically different from the British issue. Capitol Records issue of Help! was released […]

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The Beatles Help! Is Out On Blu-Ray Today – What’s On The Disc

I’m happy to say The Beatles “Help!” on blu-ray isn’t just another attempt to rip off Beatles fans.  Though the 1965 follow up to ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ isn’t quite as good that black and […]

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George Martin Says The Rubber Soul Album Was A First For The Beatles

I always pay attention to what The Beatles producer George Martin says about the group.  As someone who was there from start to finish, he’s the most credible first person source for information and opinion, […]


John Lennon Said Drugs Were A Factor While Filming Help!

It makes it tough to memorize dialogue when your mind isn’t 100% clear, and The Beatles ran into a lot of that on the set.