Free Breakfast At Mickey D’s!

Sure, McDonald’s has a dollar menu.  But, some people can’t even afford that.  Holidays can be especially rough for those less fortunate.  One Phoenix McDonald’s restaurant is lending a helping hand again this year.


Pardon Me? You Turkey!

Two turkeys made the final cut Friday, meaning they will be nowhere near a carving knife come Thanksgiving. Foster Farms chose the birds that it will take next week to Washington, D.C., where a pardon […]


To Marshmallow Or To Not Marshmallow

Unlike other holidays, Thanksgiving is really about the food.  More than that, the food is steeped in tradition – hundreds of years of it, in fact – but whose?  The thing about Thanksgiving is that […]


Black Friday Shopping Survival

I’ve blogged about Thanksgiving nightmares.  Now, let’s tackle the NEXT day.  I think we’ve all been injured in some way, shape or form during a Black Friday sale.  And, because I care for your well-being, […]


Let’s Talk Turkey

Ahh Thanksgiving.  A time for families and friends to gather together and give thanks for all of life’s blessings…and to watch football…and to FIGHT!  It’s inevitable.  SOMEONE always gets into an argument on Thanksgiving.  Want to […]


To Green Bean or To Not Green Bean? That Is The Question.

Every November Tom and Maria “discuss” the importance of green bean casserole at Thanksgiving dinner.  Maria says NO to the GBC and Tom say YES to the GBC.


This Thanksgiving, Bake A “Cherpumple”

. . . A Combo Of Cherry Pie, Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Cake, And Frosting! Thanksgiving changed forever when the TURDUCKEN was invented.  If you somehow don’t know what that is, it’s a chicken stuffed […]