Twinkie-Stuffed Turkey Recipe?!?

You thought the Arizona State Fair was the last you’d see creative Twinkie recipes for a while.  NOPE!  Just in time for Thanksgiving, enjoy a Twinkie-stuffed turkey!  I’ve got a recipe that used the cake […]


Neil Diamond Is A Big Turkey!

Before you accuse me of blasphemy, that was just my way of saying [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Neil Diamond[/lastfm] will perform in this year’s Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade!  I’m lucky to have found that bit of news. [photogallerylink […]


Is It Too early To Start Thinking About Black Friday?

Halloween is OVER. We are now focused on Thanksgiving. And we are only about three weeks away from the day after Thanksgiving…better known as BLACK FRIDAY. The website posted a list debunking some of […]


The Muppets Are Coming! The Muppets Are Coming!

I have always been a Muppets fan. Use to watch the Muppet Show every weekend when I was a kid. The latest Muppet Movie is set to hit theaters the day before Thanksgiving! woot! woot!


Another Thanksgiving Controversy!

Ok, we’ve decided that the classic “Green Bean casserole” BELONGS on the Thanksgiving table.  Marshmallows BELONG on top of the “Sweet potato casserole.”  Now, another great decision to make!


The 5 Biggest Thanksgiving Myths Debunked.

Just when you thought you knew it all about Thanksgiving…


Sometimes We Need To Chill Out

Did You Hear About This? A man named John received a parrot as a gift. At first John was delighted. But his excitement was short lived. The parrot had a bad attitude and a very […]


Orphan Thanksgiving Dishes…Yes, You Probably Will Have One

Thanksgiving is a time for families to gather together and give thanks for all of the blessings they have received.  Unfortunately, one thing that is not a blessing that I will not be giving thanks […]


Free Breakfast At Mickey D’s!

Sure, McDonald’s has a dollar menu.  But, some people can’t even afford that.  Holidays can be especially rough for those less fortunate.  One Phoenix McDonald’s restaurant is lending a helping hand again this year.


Pardon Me? You Turkey!

Two turkeys made the final cut Friday, meaning they will be nowhere near a carving knife come Thanksgiving. Foster Farms chose the birds that it will take next week to Washington, D.C., where a pardon […]





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