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Maria Test Drives The New 2011 Honda Civic

Maria and Andrea from KMLE Country 108 take the 2011 Honda Civic for a test drive at the SanTan Honda Superstore in Chandler. See Maria and Andrea take it for a spin next…


I Thought You Would Like To See What I’ve Been Talking About.

  If you’ve listened to the KOOL Morning Show anytime during the past few weeks, you’ve heard me talking about the all new Buick Regal for 2011 from Liberty Buick.  I took one home for a […]


Join Us at Liberty Buick

  The KOOL Fun and Games Department will be out at Liberty Buick from 11am to 12am hanging out and getting to know the people who took the Liberty Buick Regal Challenge.  How do you […]


Liberty Buick Challenge – Test Drive

David Johnson and Mike Kay were the first to be our test drivers. They both picked up their brand new 2011 Buick Regals at Liberty Buick and enjoyed a 24-hour test drive.  You can too!  Just […]


Maria – Showcase Honda Test Drive

For more info, check out SanTan Honda in Chandler on the 202 and Gilbert, or on-line at http://www.santanhonda.com.


Maria At San Tan Honda

Maria has some fun while test driving vehicles at San Tan Honda!