Panel Recommends Major Tax Law Changes

Your Taxes Are Due At Midnight Tonight. Here’s Who’s Open

It used to be that there were a bunch of Post Offices open until midnight so that you could file your taxes before the deadline.  Now, there are just two… and they aren’t open until […]

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The IRS “Liens” On Lionel Richie

So, good news and bad news about the ugly “T” work…TAXES!  The good news: they’re not due until Tuesday the 17th this year.  The bad news: our friend Lionel Richie is in big trouble with […]



21 Tax Changes For 2011 Returns!

Have you started on your taxes yet?  If the date isn’t April 1_, then I know I have NOT!  Let’s hope you held off.  There are 20 changes to note when filing this year.  I […]


Here are Your Odds of Getting Audited by the IRS This Year

Hey, here’s some GOOD news about being POOR. According to data from the IRS, your odds of getting audited are DRASTICALLY lower this year if you make small money than if you make big money.


State Taxes Now Due Monday…Not Today!

Yea! It’s true.  But if you don’t believe me, check it out here at the State of Arizona website.


The 5 Most Ridiculous (Attempted) Tax Deductions

The forecast calls for a lot of rain this weekend.  It’s not supposed to get out of the 50s on Saturday.  PERFECT time to get those taxes done!  Have you figured out your deductions yet?  […]


Richard Hatch is Going Back to Prison

Original “Survivor” winner RICHARD HATCH has been ordered BACK to prison for another nine months.  And this is STILL because he didn’t pay taxes on his $1 million “Survivor” prize.


Cough Up That Homebuyer’s Credit!

If you bought a home in 2008 and got the first-time homebuyer’s credit, I sure hope you still have that money laying around.  The government wants it back!!!  We know Uncle Sam has ways of […]


What Do You Write Off Of Your Taxes?

1040 With the tax deadline looming, we were thinking about things that we in radio can write off, that may seem rather strange to others.  These are things that we use in our shows like […]


TAXES: How To Attract An Audit

IRS Audit Want to attract attention to your tax return? Want the IRS to consider you for an audit? Then go right ahead … and do these things …