Clark Griswold Jr.

This weekend, I braved the task of decorating our tree in the front yard. It’s an olive tree with 10 “poofs”. There are 10 branches that expand out of this tree and at the end […]



Shopping Apps & Store Hours To Help On Black Friday

If you’re headed out shopping Friday, here are a few apps that might come in handy! The Arizona Republic listed lots of  “Black Friday” help on page A8. *  Extra! Extra! ( combines coupons from […]


A March 7, 2012 photo shows a plate of O

Candy Corn Oreos? YES!

Candy Corn Oreos arrive at Target TODAY.  The cream center is half orange and half yellow. There’s a strange amount of excitement going on about these, but  is it amazement or horror?   If they […]



GRAMMYs Had Better Commercials Than Super Bowl!

  Not only were last night’s GRAMMY performances entertaining, so were the commercials!  In fact, dare I say they were BETTER than those during the Super Bowl last weekend???  My favorites were the ones for […]


Best Flash Mob…EVER!

[sponsored] Something happened at Target last week that defies two misnomers of Flash Mobbing: It’s not just in major cities.  This one was in Lawrence, KS! There’s NO age limit.  This one involved senior citizens! It’s […]


Could Be The Worst Or Possibly Best Toy Ever

Those Crazy Germans.    Last year this is the hottest toy in Germany.  A pooping dachshund.  REALLY?  Yes, I want one too.  I can sit it right next to my candy pooping reindeer and Barbie’s dog […]


Target (Pronounced Tar-jhay)

Our world is divided into two camps: Wal-Mart people and Target people.  I’m one of the latter.  Rarely does a weekend go by that I don’t visit Target!  (And, yes…it’s pronounced Tar-jhay.)  Planning a visit this weekend?  Here […]