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A dog rides a wave during the annual Sur

7 Animals That Surf Better Than Me

So my husband and I are heading to California for vacation.  We both love the beach…he loves to surf…I love to sit and watch him surf.  He told me last night that I should give […]


Nearly Half of Us Use Our Work Computer to Look For a New Job

A survey by Salary.com found that two thirds of Americans spend part of their workday looking at websites not related to work.  That’s actually DOWN 10% from four years ago.  Facebook and LinkedIn are the […]


Tillman The Surfing Bulldog

Not only does Tillman surf, he also snowboards and skateboards!  Now, how much would you pay?  This is not a doctored video.  Tillman the bulldog is the real deal!  Thanks to KOOL listener Rita for […]


Stupid Invention #8 could only have been invented in Hollywood

When you see what it is, you’ll understand why.