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Feeling KOOL – How Much Sun is too Much?

Sunshine does have its benefits., but it’s still the number one cause of skin cancer.  To sunbathe safely, it is recommended that you get more  than 15-20 minutes of direct exposure daily.  After that, slather […]

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Feeling KOOL – Sunny on Top

When your doctor tells you to wear sunscreen,  listen! You really should wear sunscreen everyday!  (and guys that means YOU with the little bald head!) And if you don’t like that beach smell…ya know coconut…look […]

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The Four Most Helpful Facts From the 2011 Sunscreen Guide

If the hot weather has you making outdoor plans for this weekend, a non-profit called the Environmental Working Group recently published its “2011 Sunscreen Guide.” It rates the effectiveness of 1,700 different sunscreens, lip balms, […]



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