suagr brain

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Feeling Kool –

Sugar  is dumped in foods where you would least expect it. Just to put that in perspective, there’s about 13 grams of sugar in a chocolate glazed donut. Here are a few “healthy” foods that […]

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Feeling Kool – Reason #5

Reasons to Tone Up and Eat Clean  #5 Achy Joints? Pick up the weights and drop the candy. Regular strength training has been shown to cut knee pain by 43% and curbing sugar intake is a […]

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Feeling Kool – Reason #4

Reasons to Tone Up and Eat Clean  #4 New research suggest that large amounts of sugar may damage heart tissue.  Help keep your heart healthy by opting for low-sugar alternatives such as naturally flavored seltzer instead […]

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Feeling Kool – Reason #3

Reasons to Tone Up and Eat Clean  #3 By 30, you can start to lose half a pound of muscle each year, slowing your metabolism.  And after 50, the rate doubles. But, doing just two or […]

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Feeling Kool – Reason #2

Reasons to Tone Up and Eat Clean  #2 Feeling foggy? It could be sugar brain.  New research found an association between reduced memory and high blood sugar. Stay sharp by avoiding sugar bombs like bottled salad […]

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