Steve Nash

NBA Divorce Trifecta?

I’m a believer in the theory that all things happen in threes.  You already know my obsession with the CDT (Celebrity Death Trifecta).  Now, I am curious if there will be a NBADT (NBA Divorce […]


Suns Are Shining Again!

Have you noticed the Suns are playing better?  They’ve won the last three games – one against our rivals, the dreaded Lakers!  This is the longest winning streak of the season so far.  It all […]


This Steve Nash Story Is Sadly TRUE

  Ever since that fictitious Steve Nash retirement piece in the Phoenix New Times, I’m hesitant to believe ANY story I hear about the Suns hero!  Sadly, this one appears to be true.  After giving […]


Is Steve Nash Quitting???

The answer is NO.  But, for a moment, It looked like he WAS.  I found a story that claimed Steve Nash was LEAVING the Suns on November 15th!  Thankfully, team sources have assured me it was just a […]


Suns Win! Suns Win!

It’s been a pretty rough pre-season for the Suns, but things MAY be looking up!  This is just in the nick of time, too.  The regular season starts Tuesday, with the home opener against the Lakers […]


Soooooooo close!

I can’t accurately put into words the wide range of emotions I felt during last night’s Game 5 of the playoffs.  Rollercoaster?  YEAH!  One thing that’s for sure: The Suns know how to come back […]


Exclusive audio interview with Steve Nash

My buddy down the hall Super Snake spoke with Nash this morning and asked him what his routine was going to be before the game tonight.  Take a listen.


Suggestion for the Suns

I think I know how we can help the Suns come back in game two on Wednesday night.  It may seem unconventional and mean.  But, after a 128-107 loss, I think we should explore all avenues!


Meet Los Suns

You’ll notice something a little different tonight when the Suns play the Spurs in Game 2 of the NBA Western Conference Semifinals…the uniforms.  They will read, “Los Suns.”  Is this for Cinco De Mayo?  Yes…and […]


Steve & Amare are my heeeeeeros.

It looked GREAT!  Then, it looked IFFY.  And, with 5 minutes left in the game, it looked GREAT again.  That’s because they brought Steve Nash back in after sitting out most of the 4th.  I […]