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Starbucks…BEER & WINE???

Have you heard the rumors of Starbucks selling beer & wine along with their usual menu?  It’s TRUE!  I’ve never set foot in a Starbucks…until now.  As a beer lover, I’m gonna need something even bigger […]


Save Bucks At Starbucks

Sure, the recession “supposedly” ended in June of 2009.  But, try telling that to your wallet!  Every penny counts, and I may be able to save you quite a few.  Here are FIVE ways to […]


Peperoncinis all around

I first discovered Papa John’s in 1995 while working at K92 in Roanoke, VA.  I was making $21,500/yr.  I know you’re saying, “Wow, Jeffro!  That’s HUGE!”  It was a king’s ransom, no doubt.  So, with my new found […]



STARBUCK’S customers will get a free treat this morning and it’s free cone day at BEN & JERRY’S.  Do I hear a WOO-HOO!!!  (woo-hoo)