Neil Young

Neil Young Calls for Starbucks Boycott

Starbucks, he says, has teamed with Monsanto to sue the state of Vermont to block a law that requires genetically modified ingredients be labeled as such.


Trenta in the AM, my cup from Waikiki

Are You Obsessed With Your Java?

If you are like me, you love your morning ‘joe”. I have my early morning routine of stopping into my favorite Starbucks at 7th Street & Thunderbird. Trenta Iced, coffee no classic, sweet & low, […]

94.5 KOOL FM–01/24/2014

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Dylan, Marley, Lennon Covers Highlight Starbucks

In a neverending series of coffee compilations, Starbucks and Hear Music/Concord Music Group offers up Sweetheart 2014, where the saying goes, “our favorite artists play their favorite songs.”



Frappuccino For Dinner?

Did you know that some of these coffee drinks that you order have enough calories, I don’t know, to fulfill your daily calorie intake? DAILY caloric intake…not a meal, your DAILY caloric intake!!!! The American Medical Association […]

94.5 KOOL FM–06/20/2013

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There’s a Starbucks DIET?

As a guy who weighed 150 pounds (soaking wet, mind you) for the majority of my twenties, I never thought the word “diet” would enter my vocabulary.  But, 10 years ago, my metabolism went AWOL.  […]


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The Starbucks SECRET Menu…Ooooohhhh

First, we found out about the In-N-Out “secret menu.”  Let me tell you, that was exciting enough!  But, would you believe there’s also a Starbucks “secret menu?”  Yep!  I wonder if everything on this one […]


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Cup O’ Joe…Cup O’ JOEL!

On the off-chance you don’t already have one of Billy Joel‘s many “Greatest Hits” compilations (there are QUITE a few out there), you can grab the latest…at Starbucks?!? Yep.  “Billy Joel: Opus Collection” is now […]


Ten Delicious Holiday Foods . . . and Why You Shouldn’t Eat Them

We’re right in the middle of the holidays, and December starts tomorrow.  So the people at decided to rain on the parade by posting a list of the top 50 holiday foods you should […]


Now This Is KOOL Fun In the City

Not Phoenix…New York!


This Is Going Away And People Are Not Happy About It

You know what hit the fan when the announcement was made this morning.  The reaction has been swift and strong.