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Feeling KOOL – Blood Test for Heart Attack

A new blood test for people who’ve suffered heart attacks could forecast another attack, a new study says.  Researchers found that people who’ve had heart attacks have unique cells floating in their blood system.  Scientists […]

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Feeling KOOL – Get a Dog.

Dog + Baby = a reduced risk of asthma and allergies.   Having a dog appears to reduce a child’s risk of developing asthma and allergies, if the child is exposed to a dog in […]

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Feeling KOOL – Cold is HOT!

Take advantage of Winter’s chilly temperatures and move your workout outside to increase your fat burn.  A small study found that a type of fat cell known as brown fat can sense the cold.  To […]

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Feeling KOOL – Resist Your Late Night Cravings

Curb your sweet tooth Got a late-night sugar craving that just won’t quit? “To satisfy your sweet tooth without pushing yourself over the calorie edge, even in the late night hours, think ‘fruit first,’” says […]

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Feeling KOOL

…brought to you by the letter B!   A new study says it might be possible to reduce the risk of stroke by taking vitamin B supplements.  Researchers studying more than a dozen clinical trials […]

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