Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Lawsuit Heads to California

If Spirit win the lawsuit, what will happen? And will someone new get a writing credit?


More Americans Believe in Ghosts Than Ever Before

You’d think in this day and age we’d be MORE skeptical than ever.  But this is a direct contradiction to that.  According to a new nationwide survey by Rasmussen Reports, more Americans than EVER believe […]


Eleven Celebrities Who’ve Had Encounters with the Supernatural

A website called BettyConfidential.com has put together a list of 11 Celebrities Who Have Had Real-Life Ghostly Encounters.  They include JENNA BUSH, ANNA NICOLE SMITH, KATE HUDSON, and NICOLAS CAGE.


Birthdays and Departures – May 4 – Tuesday

BIRTHDAYS AND DEPARTURES -5/4 1931 – ED CASSIDY  ([lastfm]SPIRIT[/lastfm]) 1938 – [lastfm]TYRONE DAVIS [/lastfm]- DEPARTED 1941 – RICHARD BURNS  ([lastfm]HONDELLS[/lastfm]) 1945 – GEORGE WADENIUS ([lastfm]BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS[/lastfm]) 1949 – ZAL CLEMINSON  ([lastfm]NAZARETH[/lastfm]) 1951 – […]


Birthday and Departures – Saturday – KOOL Olympics Day

I’ll have pictures from Flagstaff posted tomorrow – too busy taking them today! BIRTHDAYS AND DEPARTURES -2/20 1946 – JEROME GEILS ([lastfm]J. GEILS BAND[/lastfm]) 1950 – WALTER BECKER ([lastfm]STEELY DAN[/lastfm]) 1951 – RANDY CALIFORNIA ([lastfm]SPIRIT[/lastfm]) […]